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Polishing Twin Screw Cnc Machined Extruder Parts Customized Heat Treated Screw Element

Polishing Twin Screw Cnc Machined Extruder Parts Customized Heat Treated Screw Element

Polishing Extruder Parts

Customized Heat Treated Screw Element

Cnc Machined Extruder Parts

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Product Details
Processing Technology:
CNC Machining
Lead Time:
7-60 Days
Surface Treatment:
Heat Treatment:
Surface Roughness:
Extruder Machine
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
wooden case
Delivery Time
5-60 days
Product Description

Product Description:

Our comprehensive range of Extruder Machine Parts is engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, designed specifically for use in plastic extrusion machines, including single and twin screw extruders. Manufactured with precision and care, our components are the go-to choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence in their plastic extrusion operations. Each part undergoes meticulous surface treatment, with polishing that not only enhances the appearance but also contributes to the longevity and wear-resistance of the components.

The selection of Extruder Machine Parts we offer includes a variety of components essential for the efficient operation of any plastic extruder. We understand the critical role each part plays in the plastic extrusion process, which is why we ensure every piece is crafted to exact specifications. The quality of the components, coupled with a rigorous heat treatment process, ensures that they can withstand the demanding conditions of plastic extrusion, leading to reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the packaging of our Extruder Machine Parts. Each part is carefully packed using a standard export package, ensuring it arrives at your facility in pristine condition, ready for immediate installation. The secure packaging protects the parts during transit, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring that they reach you ready for action.

Flexibility and customization are at the core of our service offerings. We understand that each plastic extrusion machine has unique requirements, and we are proud to offer OEM/ODM services to our clients. Our ability to customize parts according to your specific needs means that you receive components that fit seamlessly into your existing equipment, enhancing performance and extending the service life of your machinery.

We take pride in the origin of our Extruder Machine Parts - China, a country renowned for its robust manufacturing industry. Our Chinese-made components benefit from the latest technological advancements in the field, ensuring that you receive parts that are at the forefront of extrusion technology. By choosing our parts, you are opting for a piece of the expertise and innovation that China brings to the global manufacturing arena.

Our Extruder Machine Parts are suitable for a variety of applications within the plastic extrusion industry. Whether you operate a plastic extruder that handles simple or complex tasks, our parts ensure that your machinery functions at peak performance. For those utilizing a twin screw extruder, our components are designed to accommodate the complexities and higher throughput rates that are characteristic of these machines.

Investing in our Extruder Machine Parts means investing in the efficiency and longevity of your plastic extrusion machine. The combination of superior surface treatment, robust heat treatment, secure transport packaging, and the ability to offer customized OEM/ODM solutions makes our parts the smart choice for your extrusion needs. Choose quality, choose reliability, choose our Extruder Machine Parts for your plastic extrusion operations.

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  • Product Name: Extruder Machine Parts
  • Surface Treatment: Polishing
  • Tolerance: ±0.02mm
  • Surface Roughness: Customized
  • OEM/ODM: Yes
  • Lead Time: 7-60 Days
  • Designed for PVC extruder applications
  • Compatible with plastic extrusion machines
  • Suitable for double screw extruder systems

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Size Customized
Application Extruder Machine
Heat Treatment Yes
Transport Package Standard Export Package
Surface Roughness Customized
Tolerance ±0.02mm
Processing Technology CNC Machining
Origin China
Lead Time 7-60 Days


The Zhitian brand is renowned for its expertise in the manufacture of high-quality extruder machine parts, specifically designed for plastic extrusion processes. With a model number that is customizable to meet the unique needs of each client, Zhitian ensures precision and compatibility with various plastic extruder systems. Originating from China, these parts are crafted with an adherence to the highest quality standards, as evidenced by the iso:9001 certification that they proudly bear.

Whether you are involved in a small-scale production or a large industrial operation, the minimum order quantity for these parts is set at one, making it convenient for businesses of all sizes to access top-tier extruder components. Upon placing an order, customers can expect their products to be meticulously packaged in a robust wooden case, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of the parts during transportation. The delivery time is impressively efficient, ranging from 5 to 60 days, depending on the complexity and customization level of the ordered parts.

Each component, including the critical screw barrel, boasts a surface roughness that can be tailored to the specific requirements of the client's plastic extrusion machinery. This customization ensures optimal performance and longevity of the parts. The processing technology employed is state-of-the-art CNC machining, which guarantees precise dimensions and superior quality of the finished product.

The material used for each part is also customizable, allowing for a perfect match with the existing machinery and the particular type of plastic being extruded. This versatility in material selection is crucial as it affects the durability and wear-resistance of the screw barrel and other components. Furthermore, Zhitian has incorporated heat treatment into the manufacturing process, enhancing the strength and performance of the parts under the high-stress conditions typical of plastic extrusion operations.

To facilitate global accessibility, Zhitian offers a standard export package for the transport of these extruder machine parts. This ensures that regardless of where your business is located, you can benefit from the high-quality components crafted by Zhitian, optimizing the performance of your plastic extruders and ensuring seamless production processes. Choose Zhitian for extruder machine parts that elevate the efficiency and output of your plastic extrusion operations.



Brand Name: Zhitian

Model Number: customize

Place of Origin: China

Certification: iso:9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Packaging Details: wooden case

Delivery Time: 5-60 days

Application: Extruder Machine

Processing Technology: CNC Machining

Tolerance: ±0.02mm

Origin: China

Material: Customized

Our Zhitian extruder machine parts, including premium screw barrel components, are crafted with precision using advanced CNC Machining technology. Designed for seamless integration with plastic extrusion and plastic extrusion machine systems, our parts ensure high-quality performance and are tailored to meet stringent tolerance standards of ±0.02mm. Manufactured in China and certified with iso:9001 , our customizable solutions are available with a minimum order quantity of just one and are securely packaged in wooden cases for safe delivery within 5-60 days.


Support and Services:

Our Extruder Machine Parts come with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. Our support includes access to a wealth of resources, including detailed product manuals, maintenance guides, and troubleshooting tips. We offer expert advice on the installation and operation of parts, as well as guidance on how to optimize performance and extend the lifespan of your extruder machine.

Our dedicated service team is also available to provide remote assistance for diagnosing and resolving any issues you may encounter. We are committed to helping you maintain peak performance and minimize downtime. While we do not include direct contact information here, please refer to our official website or product documentation to reach out to our customer support team for any assistance you may require.

In addition to our remote support, we also offer a range of on-site services for more complex issues or for routine maintenance checks. Our technicians are highly trained and equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that any service is done professionally and efficiently. Please note that on-site services may be subject to scheduling and availability based on your location.

For customers interested in enhancing their technical knowledge and operational expertise, we provide training sessions tailored to the needs of your staff. These sessions can help your team better understand the intricacies of the extruder machine parts and how to effectively manage them over time.

Finally, our commitment to your success includes keeping you updated with the latest advancements and improvements. As part of our service, we offer updates and upgrades for existing parts when available. Our goal is to support the longevity and advancement of your extrusion processes.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

All Extruder Machine Parts are securely packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Each part is individually wrapped in protective material and precisely placed within custom-designed, sturdy boxes to prevent movement during transit. Fragile components are further safeguarded with additional cushioning.


Our Extruder Machine Parts are shipped via trusted carriers with tracking options to ensure timely and safe delivery. Customers will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number once the order is dispatched. We offer various shipping methods to meet different needs, including standard, expedited, and priority shipping options.



Q1: What brand are the Extruder Machine Parts and where are they manufactured?

A1: The Extruder Machine Parts are by the brand Zhitian and they are manufactured in China.

Q2: Can I order a custom model number for the Extruder Machine Parts I need?

A2: Yes, you can customize the model number for your Extruder Machine Parts. Zhitian offers customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity for Zhitian Extruder Machine Parts?

A3: The minimum order quantity for Zhitian Extruder Machine Parts is 1. This allows you to order only what you need, even for specialized parts.

Q4: How are the Extruder Machine Parts from Zhitian packaged for delivery?

A4: Zhitian Extruder Machine Parts are carefully packaged in wooden cases to ensure they are protected during shipping and handling.

Q5: What is the expected delivery time for Zhitian Extruder Machine Parts?

A5: The delivery time for Zhitian Extruder Machine Parts can range from 5 to 60 days, depending on the complexity and customization of the order.

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