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W6Mo5Cr4V2 Extrusion Screw Manufacturer Twin Screw Extruder Spare Parts Elements For WP And STS Machine

W6Mo5Cr4V2 Extrusion Screw Manufacturer Twin Screw Extruder Spare Parts Elements For WP And STS Machine

38CrMoAla Extruder Screws And Barrels

38CrMoAla plastic extruder barrel

polished plastic extruder barrel

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Product Details
High Wear-resistant
20 Years
Plastic Industry
Screw Design:
Screw Segment
For What Machine:
Extrusion Machine
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
consult with
Packaging Details
Wooden Box
Delivery Time
30-60 days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
600 Pieces/Month
Product Description


Experience Excellence in Twin Screw Extruder Screw Elements


  • At Zhitian, we take pride in delivering top-notch twin screw extruder screw elements that meet the highest quality standards. Our commitment to excellence begins with sourcing component materials from domestic first-line brands and European professional materials suppliers. We also conduct thorough checks and metallography examinations to ensure the safety and integrity of our raw materials.
  • We understand the importance of interchangeability in twin screw extruder components. That's why we meticulously inspect the internal spline using a spline plug gauge, guaranteeing the perfect fit and interchangeability of our screw elements.
  • To achieve optimal precision and quality, all our twin screw extruder elements undergo CNC grinding after heat treatment. This meticulous process ensures a surface roughness of less than Ra0.8, eliminating any potential deformations caused by heat treatment and ensuring the highest quality of our components.
  • Our twin screw extruder elements are made from powder high-speed steel, processed using the European HIP process, and strictly treated according to the heat treatment process. This meticulous approach guarantees exceptional wear resistance and corrosion resistance, comparable to leading foreign brands in the industry.
  • At Zhitian, we boast a professional technical team specializing in twin screw extruder screw elements. Not only can we provide timely and accurate sample surveying and mapping design, but we also offer comprehensive technical services in twin screw element assembly. We are your trusted partner for all your twin screw extruder needs.
  • No matter the brand or model of your extruder, we have detailed technical information and special fixtures to ensure efficient spare parts service. Our extensive inventory allows us to ship common components on the same day, ensuring minimal downtime for your operations. For new twin screw extruder screw elements, we guarantee delivery within 45 days.
  • With our perfect modern management system, we ensure that every customer receives 100% qualified twin screw extruder screw elements. We prioritize traceability, enabling us to track the quality of each twin screw element to provide you with peace of mind.
  • Choose Zhitian for excellence in twin screw extruder screw elements. Contact us today to experience our exceptional quality, technical expertise, and reliable services. Together, we will elevate your extrusion processes to new heights of efficiency and performance.


twin screw extruder element

We can satisfy your different material needs:
According to appearance design,Closed Barrel,Feeder Barrel,Side Feeder Barrel,Venting Barrel,Combi Barrel.
According to the liner,With liner barrel,Without liner barrel.
According to Materical,
-For wear application:C liner;Cr26;Cr12MoV;W6Mo5Cr4V2;
-For corrosion application:38CrMoAla;Hac alloy;
-For wear and corrosion application:Nickel based alloy;316L,304;WR13,SAM26etc.

Quick Details

Product Name:
W6Mo5Cr4V2 Extrusion Screw Manufacturer Twin Screw Extruder Spare Parts Screw Elements

Color: Metal
Packaging: Wooden Box
Lead Time: 30-60 days



Through the understanding of customers,recommend the most valuable material.
Barrel Dimensions
W6Mo5Cr4V2 Extrusion Screw Manufacturer Twin Screw Extruder Spare Parts Elements For WP And STS Machine 1


Screw Barrel Specifications Table


NO. Model L*W*H(MM) Hole Diameter/Φ(MM) Center Distance/D(MM)
1 20 132*115*105 Φ23 18.4
2 30 120*135*115 Φ30.6 26
3 35 140*140*120 Φ36 30
4 36 150*160*140 Φ36 30
5 40 160*175*145 Φ41.6 34.5
6 50 190*190*150 Φ51 42
7 52 210*200*155 Φ52 43
8 53 220*210*160 Φ53.3 48
9 58 240*220*175 Φ58 48
10 60 240*210*170 Φ60 52
11 65 240*210*170 Φ63 52
12 75 290*260*200 Φ71.8 60
13 85 320*280*215 Φ81.9 67.8
14 92 360*310*240 Φ92 78
15 95 360*310*240 Φ94 78
16 110 420*330*240 Φ109 91.5
17 125 500*390*290 Φ125 98
18 135 520*440*340 Φ134 110




Production Process
According to your request,Customing workblank,Adopts the high hardness 45# steel or 6542 steel.
2.Rough Machining

Many sets of advanced processing equipment,shape of inner hole channel of rough machining peocessing.
To complete your request.
3.Finish Machining

Try the water cycle,after testing process for each working procedure.
Higher precision,only you.
4.Barrel Inspection

High-end testing equipment and instruments,inspection,test center distance,appearance size,hole,etc.
Paper issued by the quality inspection report for your inspection.

Standard export packing
To product antirust processing,and then use the paper package,bubble,fixed in the wooden case,after confirm the delivery.

How long does it take to get my products since I paid for them?
---According to yout order quantity,we will give you a reasonable delivery date.
Can I get the warranty of one year for free?
---If you need the warranty,you should pay for it.If not,do not worry ,we have confidence in our products.
Are yuo responsible for the assembly?
---We will provide this service at your requst.
How is your after-sale service?
---You will get our help in time as long as you find something wrong about our produces.Believe us,you deserve the best.


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