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Chinaplas 2023 extruder parts


Latest company news about Chinaplas 2023 extruder parts

The 4-day CHINAPLAS 2023 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, and the popularity of the exhibition has continued to explode for four days. At this exhibition, Zhitian's exhibits attracted much attention, and many domestic and foreign customers came to "booth 5K47" to communicate. In this exhibition, we brought 3 twin-screw extruder gearboxes, namely SHTDN, SHTDZ and SHE, with a specific torque of up to 18Nm/cm³; at the same time, we also brought screw barrels optimized by Zhitian, which is heated by a heating rod ; Passable water channel, the water channel has been treated with anti-rust; the alloy is directly compounded with ZT615 nickel-based alloy, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. And it is not easy to have steps during use. In the future, Zhitian's new barrels and gearboxes will better meet the needs of customers in the future.

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Nanjing Zhitian focuses on the R&D and production of twin-screw extruder barrels, screw segment and gearboxes. The company has a number of invention patents. The processing accuracy reaches the European and American level, which can meet the needs of well-known extruder brands.


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