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2022 K show in Germany


Latest company news about 2022 K show in Germany

As one of the most influential international plastics and rubber exhibitions in the world, the K exhibition has been grandly opened in Dusseldorf, Germany on October 19, 2022. The K show is where experts meet, with the widest and most international range of exhibits. It is the unremitting goal of Chinese entrepreneurs to transform "Made in China" into Chinese quality, Chinese intelligence, and Chinese creation.


The booth number of Zhitian in this exhibition is: 8B D11-11(SHE Gearbox,Direct Compound Barrel ZT615)


"Plastics shape the future" provides the space for presentations in exciting formats and dicussions on how the future can be shaped with plastics. Circular economy, digitalisation and climate protection are just some of the topics treated.

With new technologies and materials, the industry is meeting the global challenges of our time and developing solutions in a dialogue with all stakeholders.

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